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"Systemic Pathology of Fish: 
A Text and Atlas of Normal Tissues in Teleosts and their Responses in Disease"

edited by

Hugh W. Ferguson BVM&S, PhD, DipACVP, MRCVS, FRCPath.

Professor and Chair of Pathobiology and Marine Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, Senior Research Fellow, Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF), St George's University, Grenada, West Indies, and Professor Emeritus, University of Stirling, Scotland.


The second edition of this standard text has been expanded to 368 pages and almost 700 figures, including light, scanning and transmission electron micrographs. It retains the hardback specialty-bound format of the first edition, but it is now in full colour on high quality non-glossy paper (silk, 130 gsm), with integrated text and figures, and it has a larger page size of 195 x 273mm in order to make best use of images, some of which are half or full page. Numerous high quality illustrations of fish have been used to separate and introduce the chapters, in order to enhance readability and overall appearance. As before, the book is not intended to be simply a list of aetiologies found in various species under differing environments. Instead, the systemic approach to understanding disease has been maintained, with chapters on all organ systems, and descriptions on how involved tissues respond to a variety of insults. With the addition of an extra chapter on pathophysiology, there are now 14 chapters overall, each with selected references, plus an index. There has been no compromise on quality in the production of this book, and a serious attempt has been made to blend aesthetics with scientific rigour and ease of use.



The list of contributing authors includes:

Ellen Bjerkås, Øystein Evensen, Hugh W. Ferguson, Salvatore Frasca Jr, Erling Olaf Koppang, John F. Leatherland, John S. Lumsden, Daniel Martineau, Edward J. Noga, Trygve T. Poppe, Mark Powell, Renate Reimschuessel, David J. Speare and Jimmy Turnbull.


The editor, Professor Hugh W. Ferguson has spent his entire professional life of 40 years as a diagnostic veterinary pathologist, research scientist, and teacher, focused mainly on fish and the aquatic environment. He wrote or co-wrote roughly half of the book, and supplied most of the images. While a working knowledge of the language appropriate to the subject will be useful to readers, the book is intended for research workers, students and diagnosticians who are experienced with fish but are not necessarily familiar with the discipline of pathology. The book is also aimed at experienced veterinary pathologists who see only the occasional fish case, and may wonder how a particular tissue looks or reacts to a given type of pathogen. Thus, each chapter starts with information on normal structure and function, and tries to place this within a vertebrate context. Examples chosen to illustrate tissue responses are selected from intensively-reared food fish and from species in the aquarium and the wild environments. The book restricts itself to teleost (bony) fish.


"Systemic Pathology of Fish"

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  Systemic Pathology of Fish

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